Asian Pacific Society of Prion Research (APSPR)

Future Meetings

●Related Prion Meetings
・The APPS in 2018 will be held in Tokyo, Japan on October 4th and 5th by Dr. Naomi Hachiya of Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Technology Research Institute.

・The APPS in 2019 will be held in Saitama, Japan by Dr. Motomasa Tanaka of RIKEN Brain Science Institute.

・The APPS in 2020 will be held in Beijing, China by Dr. Xiao-Ping Dong of National Institute for Viral Disease Control and Prevention, China CDC.

Previous Meetings

・APPS2012 in Yokohama   Poster  Program
・APPS2013 in Nagasaki   Poster  Program
・APPS2014 in Jeju      Poster  Program
・APPS2015 in Kanazawa   Poster  Program
・PRION2016・APPS2016 in Tokyo  Poster  Program
・APPS2017 in Melbourne   Poster  Program