Asian Pacific Society of Prion Research (APSPR)

Future Meetings


We are pleased to announce that APPS2022 will be held as a hybrid on-site
and web-based event.
We encourage young people to actively register for general abstracts and use
them as opportunities to present their research.
In addition, we encourage young people who participate on-site to apply for the Travel Award.

Asia Pacific Prion Research Meeting 2022:
Date: Thu, 15 Dec 2022 13:00-18:00, Fri, 16 Dec 2022 9:00-12:00
Place: Shonan Health Innovation Park (CS Building Auditorium)
Registration fee: Free
Program: In progress
The deadline for general abstracts is Sunday, November 6.

Please visit APPS2022 homepage and register to join the meeting!

Previous Meetings

・APPS2012 in Yokohama   Poster  Program
・APPS2013 in Nagasaki   Poster  Program
・APPS2014 in Jeju      Poster  Program
・APPS2015 in Kanazawa   Poster  Program
・PRION2016・APPS2016 in Tokyo  Poster  Program
・APPS2017 in Melbourne   Poster  Program
・APPS2018 in Tokyo         Program
・APPS2019 in Saitama       Program
・APPS2020 online       Poster