Asian Pacific Society of Prion Research (APSPR)

Membership Guide

●Membership of APSPR
The paper presentation in APPS shall be exclusive to the APSPR members, in principle. Those who want to become the APSPR members fill in the following application and send it to the Secretariat by e-mail, fax or air mail. In addition, payment of annual membership fee shall be made promptly.

Application [Word file]

●Annual Fee
Membership gained by payment of the following dues is effective until the end of March.
Regular Member: \3,000 JPY
Student Member: Free
Corporate Member: Please ask the Secretariat

●Payment Method
Using PayPal method below is recommended. If you are incapable of using this method, please ask the Secretariat about other payment options by e-mail or FAX.

Payment by PayPal
Annual Membseship Fee

PayPal payment

[Contact Information]
Secretariat of APSPR
C/O Division of Microbiology,
Department of Infectious Diseases,
Faculty of Medicine,University of Miyazaki
5200 Kiyotake-cho,Miyazaki 889-1692,Japan
E-mail: info* (Please Convert "*" into "@".)